Monday, March 4, 2013

Congratulations to the winners of Short+Sweet Dubai 2013

Hearty congratulations to all the winners at the Short+Sweet Gala Finals.

'I Am' came third in the people's vote and was the only completely Original local production to be nominated in all the main categories; best play, best director, best script, and best actor (female). Third Half Theatre is indeed proud to be a flag-bearer for original local productions in Dubai.

A full list of winners and nominees is available here.

Short+Sweet has proven to be a great platform for local theatre and it was amazing to see so many Dubai writers participating. After this first taster, we can only expect more 'Made in Dubai' scripts in the next edition.

To that effect, many thanks are due to the festival director Alex Broun--firstly for organizing the event, and secondly for arranging a writing workshop for ten minute plays. You can find details of that here, seats are limited.

The highlight of the festival was the generosity and bonhomie shown by the participants. This was, in my experience at least, the first time that the entire Dubai Theatre community banded together. Looking forward to this wonderful  camaraderie between all the local theatre groups continuing unfettered.

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