Monday, February 2, 2015


Our first play for Dubai's Short+Sweet festival this year is an adaptation of a Chekhov short story.

In Surgery, Chekhov takes a simple pastoral setting and places in it two very unlikely protagonists: A priest and a dentist. The play is also in part gleaned from Neil Simon's collection of Chekhov's short stories for the stage in The Good Doctor.

Part of Wildcards week 1, it's on at the Kilachand theatre, Ductac, Mall of the Emirates on Saturday the 7th of February, 2015 at 2:30 p.m.

The festival will run from the 6th to the 28th of February and will feature almost 70 plays. Tickets are available on Ductac's online store and at the venue.

See you there!

Third Half Theatre presents..
Based on the short story by Anton Chekhov
Hindi adaptation by Sunil Jasuja
Dialect consultants: Ruqya Khan, Kalyan Chakravarthy
Directed by Disha Joseph
Cast: Kalyan Chakravarthy, Sunil Jasuja

A priest visits the dentist of a small town in India with a toothache but finds himself trapped in the hands of an amateur subordinate… from hell.

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