Wednesday, March 4, 2015

'Tréteau' wins Dubai's Short+Sweet 2015

All of us at Third Half Theatre are extremely proud and happy to have won Short+Sweet this year.

'Tréteau' bagged Best Overall Production, Audience choice winner, Best Director and Best Script (shared). Third Half was also nominated for the best Independent Theatre Company of the year. The full list of results and nominations can be seen here.

In what turned out to be a dream Gala Final for us, eleven plays selected from the over seventy plays that participated in this year's festival played to packed houses on Friday and Saturday at Kilachand Theatre, Ductac.

The amazing part about this year's Gala Final was that eight out of the eleven finalists were locally written original productions. This was by far the best opportunity for a Dubai written play to win Short+Sweet in its three year history. All of us at Third Half Theatre are honoured to be the first to earn this milestone. Here's to many more locally written plays shining through in the years to come.

The most consistent feedback on 'Tréteau' has been praise for the ensemble cast who took a difficult play and made it look, well, easy. Their timing, their dedication, their hard work and most importantly the fun they had putting this together showed on stage and was the deciding factor in the play having won over both audiences and judges alike.

I think the cast as also surely all Short+Sweet participants would join me in thanking all our families who have had to put up with some insane hours to support this passion of ours. Thanks are of course due to the festival organizers Liz and Alex and to the wonderful sponsors they brought on board. A big thanks also to the judges and the audiences who wholeheartedly embraced our attempt at something completely different on stage.

As I had said at the awards ceremony, Short+Sweet has always been and remains about the dressing room shenanigans, the camaraderie between different theatre groups and the selfless joy in seeing fellow actors do well on the boards.

Here's to the spirit of the theatre, a microcosm of which we endeavored to encapsulate in our magical 'Tréteau'.

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