Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Tragic Queen wins Short+Sweet Dubai 2016

All of us at Third Half Theatre are doubly proud and frankly ecstatic at having won the Dubai edition of the biggest little play festival in the world, and arguably one of the biggest events of the Dubai Theatre Calendar, for the second year in a row.

The Tragic Queen won Best Overall Production and Best Director, while New Year's Eve bagged Best Actor (Eric Dury) and was the runner up in the People's Choice. Both plays, along with the rest of our work during the festival, contributed to Third Half Theatre winning the Best Independent Theatre Company award as well. 

We were nominated for almost all the awards of the night, highlights among which were for Best Script (The Tragic Queen), Best Actress (Disha Joseph & Meghana Fareed) and Best Director for Dharam Veer Sood's directorial debut. A round-up of the night and all winners can be found here.

What is both humbling and encouraging is that this year too Short+Sweet was won by an original play, written for and premiered at the festival. Tréteau was the first original Dubai play to win the festival last year, and we are extremely proud to have followed it up with The Tragic Queen—the first musical to have been attempted at Short+Sweet Dubai.

As a group, this year marked another milestone for us: Since the festival's inception, we have always had one of our plays in the Gala Final but this year marked the first time that Third Half Theatre had two, and both did exceptionally well; in fact finishing first and second in the Judges' vote.

All in all it has been an incredible year, topping off a fabulous two year run at Short+Sweet for us. We must thank all the organizers, sponsors, audiences, cast and crew and of course their families, who have all supported us in more ways than can be expressed.

Most of all though, we've had an absolute blast putting up our plays and during rehearsals. You can see how much in a behind the scenes video put together by one of the cast members:

It has been a privilege to perform with some of the best in the vibrant Dubai theatre community which continues to grow at a remarkable pace. To spend time in the green room and share war stories with the best in the community continues to be the highlight of the festival. Here's to the celebration of our particular vice, the theatre.

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